SEAHARMONY offers a remote team service to businesses and corporate organizations. We help you assemble a highly skilled development team, and afterward, the team is handed over to you.

You will have complete control over the team’s management without any third-party interference, and SEAHARMONY will only providing administrative support.

How you stand to benefit

SEAHARMONY handles all ancillary services so that you can focus on what really matters: the continued advancement of your company. Here are some benefits of our remote team service:

Highly skilled developers

we only work with professionals that are at the top of their respective fields. SEAHARMONY will provide a list of developers based on your requirements, but you have the final say on who gets hired. You may personally interview every member and confirm their place on your team.

Fully equipped workspaces

Your team of developers will work from remote workspaces that SEAHARMONY will set up. All the necessary hardware and software they need will also be provided.

Administrative support

The developers will enjoy support from our in-house HR specialists, account managers, system administrators, and other administrative consultants. SEAHARMONY will also oversee payroll and tax payments, and provide any backend support that your team may require.


Our remote team service allows you to recruit developers from several countries without worrying about office space or hardware needs. You also have total control over your team, and you may reduce or increase its size as you wish. All you have to do is inform us a month in advance.

Reduced costs

Since SEAHARMONY will handle recruitment, set up workspaces for the team, and continue to provide administrative support, you stand to reduce your labor costs significantly by partnering with us.

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