Augmented & Virtual Reality In Oil And Gaz

Setting up a practical training course is generally very challenging. When organizing such a program for a hazardous and technology-focused industry like oil and gas, the challenge is even more pronounced. Companies spend a lot of money to bring trainees to the rigs (and oil fields) for practice, and they still need to put significant resources toward making the site hazard-free for the participants.

Thankfully, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) offers a way to cut these costs and make the training even more immersive.

The benefits of AR and VR

Here are some ways that companies in the oil and gas industry stand to benefit from augmented and virtual reality:

AR and VR

can be used to create a life-like simulation of an oil rig, its components, and all equipment needed to conduct the training. Participants would be able to learn and practice their skills in a realistic three-dimensional environment.

This realistic environment

can be created in a remote location, removing the need to bring the trainees to the oil fields or set up the site for them. This helps the company cuts costs.

Since the training

is conducted in a virtual environment, the usual hazards associated with oil and gas operations are avoided, and participants are not exposed to dangerous equipment or harmful chemicals.

AR and VR allow companies

to create as many scenarios as possible. As a result, they can focus on the various aspects of the oil and gas industry operations and make training exercises more extensive.

With augmented and virtual reality

the training environment can be made as immersive as possible. This increases the quality of the training, reducing the risk of injury or hardware damage when real-life work commences.


SEAHARMONY handles all ancillary services so that you can focus on what really matters: the continued advancement of your company. Here are some benefits of our remote team service:

Augmented Reality for maintenance

We develop AR applications that can be integrated with googles to make maintenance checks more comprehensive. These applications provide detailed and interactive instructions for technicians, allowing them to complete tests faster and reduce total costs.

Virtual Reality for SOP and safety training

Virtual environments can be used to prepare for dangerous scenarios (e.g., chemical spills, explosions, fire, etc.) in oil and gas operations. They can also be used to practice and finetune standard operating procedures. SEAHARMONY creates 3D virtual environments that help workers in oil and gas train and improve their decision-making skills.

AR and VR for instruction manuals

When preparing instruction manuals, augmented and virtual reality can be used to display instructions on work equipment in an interactive way. We create visual and immersive experiences that make retention easier for participants. So, when they see the machinery in real-life, they quickly recall the relevant instructions.

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