Introducing SEAHARMONY’s Latest Platform: Augmented Reality for Shipping

New technologies and digital solutions are developing rapidly in the shipping and maritime industry, transforming how traditional activities are conducted ashore and onboard vessels. These technologies offer more flexibility and higher efficiency, and they streamline major shipping operations.

Subsequently, SEARHARMONY is proud to introduce its new offering to the maritime sector: a first-of-its-type Augmented Reality (AR) platform. This platform is designed to facilitate remote collaboration between the officers onboard a ship and technical experts and engineering specialists from anywhere in the world.

SEAHARMONY, as the platform is called, involves the use of smart AR Glasses and a web-based interface to connect maritime professionals. This innovative technology will allow operations like navigation assessment, maintenance checks, emergency response services (ERS), crew training, etc. to be conducted remotely and between multiple users.

Potential Use-Cases

Here are some ways that the SEAHARMONY Augmented Reality platform can be leveraged in the maritime sector:

Use-case 1

A ship suffers from an engine failure. Currently, this problem will trigger an endless chain of emails between the officers on the vessel and the ship management office, the service company, maritime agents, representatives of the ship’s manufacturer, and so on. And this would be to decide how to get technical support to the engineers and find out what the problem is.

With SEAHARMONY however, an engineer aboard the vessel only has to wear the smart glass and connect to the web platform. Other participants can join the live-stream and get a clear view of the engine, allowing experts guide the engineer through the troubleshooting process. The problem is diagnosed in real-time, and the entire process monitored by the ship’s Technical Superintendent from the comfort of his office. No travel hassles, no problems with immigration, and no delay. Additionally, a lot of time and money is saved along the line.

Use-case 2

Imagine that a vessel trading on the ocean passages requires a Navigation Assessment. The old practice now would be to fly a Marine Superintendent across the world to meet the ship, lodge him in a hotel for some days, and hire an expensive speedboat to get him on board the vessel. Depending on how long it takes to complete the assessment, the Superintendent may sail with the ship for weeks. All these lead to an accumulation of expenses.

SEAHARMONY’s Augmented Reality platform simplifies the process, removing most of the costs and the need to fly in Marine Superintendents. An officer onboard simply wears the smart glass and connects to the platform, allowing the Superintendent to conduct the Navigation Assessment remotely. The specialist can check live actions during passage, check passage plans, ask questions, highlight serious concerns, and guide the Ship Officer through the checklist. The entire process can be documented, recorded, and stored for future use.

These are just two out of a multitude of use-cases. The SEAHARMONY platform enables shipowners and ship managers carry out remote inspections as permitted by regulations. They can also provide shore-based assistance to the crew aboard vessels, perform ad-hoc surveys with involved parties (e.g., ship manufacturers, service companies, etc.), and collect photo and video evidence for their databases.

Augmented Reality has the power to reduce miscommunication among maritime operators, and it provides more detail than is obtainable from emails and phone calls. With its AR platform, SEAHARMONY aims to help participants in the shipping industry reduce travel time, cut out delays, and significantly reduce operating costs.

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