Augmented Reality Development

At SEAHARMONY we specialize in the design and development of augmented reality (AR) experiences for niche businesses. We provide facial recognition, 3D modeling and animation, as well as marker-less and marker-based tracking.

Our AR applications are designed to work on Android and iOS-based phones, HoloLens, and smart goggles.


We use a suite of augmented reality software, including proprietary toolkits, open-source libraries, and content management systems to build augmented reality solutions.

Our team of well-trained developers extensive experience working with these software alongside the latest AR tools in the market. We focus on the following core technologies:


Apple and Google have recently launched native AR software development kits (SDKs), and this is sure to create more opportunities for businesses that want to leverage the technology. Our developers have already gained the skills required to integrate the functionality of these development kits to meet the needs of any AR application.

A combination of technical expertise and powerful software is needed to build unique and highly effective AR solutions, and SEAHARMONY offers both and more.

Prominent Use Cases

Below, we highlight some potential use-cases of AR technology. In the coming years, experts predict that augmented reality will attain mass adoption in the following business sectors:

SEAHARMONY Platform composition – Smart Glasses for users on board, SEAHARMONY web platform for users ashore

Smart Glasses is a hands-free wearable device for use onboard by Officers and Engineers combined with SEAHARMONY™️ software allowing two-way communication via SEAHARMONY™️ web-based platform with Inspectors, Superintendents or specialized experts ashore. Smart Glasses can be provided in Ex-Proof version for use on board tankers.


Learning can be made more interactive by integrating augmented reality into educational systems. AR solutions may be used to explain scientific concepts, recreate historical events, and provide visual aids that help students gain a better understanding.

When combined with educational content, AR can be a viable substitute for expensive learning material.


Augmented reality provides a way to discover the world like never before. Tourists and travelers can access in-depth information about places they’ve never visited. While visiting a new city, AR technology can also be used to make navigation easier.

Digital overlays may be utilized to enhance maps and travel guides, and print materials (like restaurant menus) can be translated using augmented reality solutions.

Events and exhibitions

Event organizers stand to benefit significantly from AR technology. Its potential use-cases in this sector include supporting live audience interaction, providing attendees with access to real-time updates, and improving engagement with participating brands.

By using augmented reality to give the visitors a memorable experience, organizers build up a strong reputation that may boost attendance at future events.


Companies can use AR technology to streamline operations and improve the productivity, safety, and efficiency of their processes.

Augmented reality can also be used to optimize logistics and warehousing, enhance communication with remote workers, and improve data visualization and analytics. When undertaking complex processes, smart goggles and HMDs (head-mounted displays) may be overlaid with instructions to guide workers.


Augmented reality can be used to enhance the shopping experience of customers and encourage them to interact with brands at a deeper level. Customers can use AR to visualize items before they buy them, helping them to make better purchasing decisions.

The technology can also be leveraged by brick-and-mortar retail stores to optimize advertising and improve in-store navigation. Additionally, supply chain and warehouse processes stand to benefit from AR technology.


We provide a range of services, including the testing, programming, and performance-optimized design of augmented reality software.

AR Solutions for
iOS and Android

SEAHARMONY develops feature-rich AR applications that provide realistic experiences and easy maneuverability e.g., rotating an item, zooming in and out, and viewing from multiple angles.

Additionally, we integrate AR with other advanced technologies (like facial recognition) to provide more functionality and better user experience.

3D Visualizations

We have a team of 3D artists that create interactive animations and visualizations for various business sectors; these can be combined with the AR software designed by our developers to give realistic images that can be manipulated as required.

Our AR applications may be developed with an environment recognition feature. This allows the app to detect real-world points and surfaces, making AR items look life-like and improving the overall experience.

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