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Imagine, you have a monthly maintenance report conducted on board

Rather than conduct email exchange of excel spreadsheets and poor quality photos shoot from unknown view angle, your crew conduct a monthly 3D shooting, indicating the extend of the maintenance done, and ship’s Superintendents and Managers can perform detailed virtual tour, to see work field and equipment by his own eyes, highlight areas to check, verify actions by crew on site, look into any corner of the ship, have an option to return to it at any moment on a later day, raise a concerns or questions, adjust maintenance plan etc, etc All these activities without physical travels, no hassle with immigration formalities, no delays…

Imagine, your vessel is screened by Charterers or Oil majors for potential voyage and have some doubts regarding physical condition of the ships. Photos can be good but are giving a very limiting coverage and are not considered as sufficient evidence. And now imagine providing 3D 360 degrees image of your vessel allowing remotely conduct the inspection and positively accept your ship?

Imagine, vessel is facing emergency and Emergency response Room is activated. All ERS team is relating to the traditional 2D drawings to visualize possible area of damage. And now imagine, that ERS Team can see it in full 3D picture, access it from various angles.

Imagine, your vessel is planning to conduct crew change, but due to trading area or restrictions imposed by COVID-19, crew change will be conducted in a short period of time. By providing a 3D view of the ship augmented by ship’s equipment manuals, handover notes “attached” to the equipment, joining crew can do remote familiarization to the vessel, equipment, review hand over notes “on the scene”. This will allow to considerable reduce familiarization time in real time

SEAHARMONY 3D imaging composition – 3D smart camera for users on board, SEAHARMONY web platform for users ashore

Smart Glasses is a unique camera, allowing to conduct 3D imagine onboard by Officers and Engineers. Just follow on camera instructions to do the shooting, upload images taken then to the platform and our Engineers will build up 3D image

Appendix 1 contains a full description of the device as well as relevant technical specification.

Smart Glasses capabilities

• Allows crew to build-up 3D model of the ship
• Enables high-resolution image capture and real-time mark-up of images

SEAHARMONY™ web-based platform

• Permits multiple users to connect and access 3D view of the vessel
• Support various sessions
• Add manuals / drawings, reference photos etc

SEAHARMONY™ Platform allows the remote communication and interaction in the following but not limited situations:

• Troubleshooting and fault-findings
• Routine maintenance
• Emergency Response Service
• Remote ship’s Inspections by Vessel’s Superintendents, Internal Audits etc
• Any agreed 3rd Party Inspections – pre-purchase, Owners, Charterers, Class, pre-vetting etc (2)

• Remote Surveys (2)
• Trainings
• Production
• Inspecting industrial assets before consignment to clients
• Supervising
• Any other activities in scope of platform capabilities
• Inspecting industrial assets before consignment to clients

(1) Development of SMART checklists basis Company SMS can be requested on separate request
(2) Basis agreement with IACS members, specific Flags etc


SEAHARMONY™ 3D imaging platform is providing revolutionary and beneficial solution for the Ship Owner / Ship Manager to:

• Build-up 3D real image of the ship, internally and externally
• To carry out remote inspection activities when allowed by regulations.
• Monitor maintenance performance by having refreshed real 3D image of the ship
• Provide remote shore-based assistance to the crew onboard ships.
• Perform ad-hoc remote surveys with other involved Parties (i.e. Manufacturer, Service Dealer, Etc.).

• Considerable reduction of miscommunications and misunderstandings possible during traditional channels – emails, telecoms etc.
• Possibility to involve the any relevant experts remotely, without delays and awaiting port of calls
• Reduce travel time and all associated travel costs
• To be connected via mobile / satellite network having optimized bandwidth required

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