Mobile App Development

SEAHARMONY develops mobile apps and the supporting backend infrastructure for businesses and corporate organizations. Our team of software developers is skilled at leveraging Android and iOS native capabilities to provide a superior user experience.

Additionally, cross-platform (like Xamarin and Unity 3D) and hybrid (React Native) solutions may be utilized to develop mobile applications that run smoothly on both Android and iOS.

SEAHARMONY offers a variety of services around mobile app development and consulting. We specialize in:

    Mobile app UI and UX design, and wireframing
    Developing and prototyping MVPs
    Mobile app development project management
    Mobile app development for Android, iOS, or both
    Testing and auditing of mobile applications
    Mobile app deployment, maintenance, and support

    Consulting on mobile app development flows and technology stack
    Refactoring the code and optimizing the UX of existing mobile apps
    Improving the existing code and completing unfinished mobile app development projects
    Mobile application security mechanisms

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application

We develop interactive mobile apps to meet the following business needs:

For mobile-focused startups

For some businesses, mobile apps provide an accessible and far-reaching platform to launch their services. SEAHARMONY creates easy-to-use applications that integrate smoothly with smartphone features like GPS receivers, Bluetooth, cameras, and other sensors.

To facilitate mobile payments

Mobile payments platforms are quickly becoming a mainstay in the global finance industry, and with good reason. We specialize in the development of payment apps that are fast, secure, and facilitate transactions effortlessly.

For better employee management

Organizations often need mobile applications that connect all the members of their workforce. SEAHARMONY develops apps that can be used to organize work-related communications, assess employee efficiency, streamline operations, and boost productivity.

For an inclusive multi-channel experience

Brick-and-mortar retailers need mobile apps to create an inclusive multi-channel shopping experience for all their customers. We create mobile apps that can be integrated seamlessly with other channels.

For an enhanced brand reputation

A top-notch application can enhance a brand’s reputation, and we utilize innovative technologies like chatbots, augmented reality, and virtual reality to create aesthetically pleasing and interactive mobile apps.

To boost customer loyalty

Mobile applications can be leveraged to reward loyal customers and incentivize repeat business. SEAHARMONY works with enterprises (like restaurants and retail chains) to develop solutions that improve customer retention.

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