Digital solutions and new technologies in maritime industry

Are rapidly developing and transforming traditional activities on board of the ships and ashore. New technologies are increasing efficiency and flexibility. These innovations are no longer associated to the products and services. They will also revolutionize maritime maintenance and management services.
COVID-19 is clearly highlighted how much routine services and operational activities, such as ship’s inspections or service engineers attendances can be affected.
SEAHARMONY is presenting a revolutionary platform in Maritime Sector for smart remote activities such as all kind of ship’s inspections, Navigation assessments, any kind of remote service attendances by shore service providers, various training activities, Emergency response Service and many more based on Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality (AR) system

Augmented reality (AR) system

Combines the real world with virtual information and provides expanded and information-rich view of the environment to the user. The AR systems have been around for a few decades and there are number of the projects under developing in maritime Industry.

SEAHARMONY is a simple, user friendly platform including AR smart glasses and web-based platform

allowing to connect several users around the world combining the expertise of maritime professionals, both on board and ashore, innovative enabling technologies and tools which brings new mind set into traditional Maritime operations and multiplying users capabilities

Failure of engine on board

Imagine, you have a failure of engine on board. Rather than trigger endless chain of e-mails with Shipmanagement Office, Makers representatives, Service Company, Agents etc, Imagine now, that Chief Engineer wear smart glasses, Maker’s Service Engineer connected to web platform and trouble shooting will be carried out in a real time allowing service engineer to see work field and equipment by his own eyes, guide Engineer directly, highlight areas to check, verify actions by crew on site. The whole process can be monitored by ship’s Technical Superintendent sitting in the Office. No travels, no hassle with immigration formalities, no delays…

Vessel is facing emergency situation

Imagine, vessel is facing emergency situation and Emergency response Room is activated. All ERS team is relating to the telephone calls and e-mails from the master on certain intervals time. And now imagine, that ERS Team can see the scene by eyes of their Master wearing Smart Glasses, listen what’s going on and not imaginaiting or estimating what is going on but visualizing it, provide advices immediately, reducing response time basically to live actions, connect to the case experts, service Engineers, P&I, Class Surveyors if required…

Your vessel is trading on the ocean passages

Imagine, your vessel is trading on the ocean passages and you require to conduct Navigation Assessment. Currently, you need to find the option to send Vessel’s Marine Superintendent to fly across the world, wait the vessel few days in the hotel, use expensive launch boat to reach the vessel and sail with her few days or even weeks to conduct the task. Costs, costs, costs… And now imagine, that 2nd Officer wear Smart Glass and vessel’s Marine Superintendent connected via SEAHARMONY Platform and conduct Navigation Assessment without leaving the office checking in a live actions during passage, checking passage plans and checklists just by guiding responsible Officer, asking the questions, highlighting concerned areas. The whole process can be documented, recorded snapshooted etc, etc…

SEAHARMONY Platform composition – Smart Glasses for users on board, SEAHARMONY web platform for users ashore

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses is a hands-free wearable device for use onboard by Officers and Engineers combined with SEAHARMONY™ software allowing two-way communication via SEAHARMONY™ web-based platform with Inspectors, Superintendents or specialized experts ashore. Smart Glasses can be provided in Ex-Proof version for use on board tankers.

Appendix 1 contains a full description of the device as well as relevant technical specification

Smart Glasses capabilities

• Allows crew, service engineers and inspectors to see what the person wearing the smart glasses is seeing in real time
• Enables high-resolution image capture and real-time mark-up of images
• Supports easy way documents sharing
• Complete integrated checklists(1) i.e UMS checklist and further download complete one including supporting screenshots

web-based platform

• Permits multiple users to connect on the live stream from smart glasses
• Support various sessions
• Video recording and playback
• Highlight by shore user concern areas
• Take screenshots

SEAHARMONY™ Platform allows the remote communication and interaction in the following but not limited situations

• Troubleshooting and fault-findings
• Routine maintenance
• Emergency Response Service
• Navigation Assessments
• Remote Deviation Adjustment Service
• Remote ship’s Inspections by Vessel’s Superintendents, Internal Audits etc
• Supervising

• Any agreed 3rd Party Inspections – pre-purchase, Owners, Charterers, Class, pre-vetting etc (2)
• Remote Surveys (2)
• Trainings
• Production
• Inspecting industrial assets before consignment to clients
• Any other activities in scope of platform capabilities

(1) Development of SMART checklists basis Company SMS can be requested on separate request
(2) Basis agreement with IACS members, specific Flags etc


SEAHARMONY software is based on a three-parties communication service:


• To carry out remote inspection activities when allowed by regulations.
• Provide remote shore-based assistance to the crew onboard ships.
• Perform ad-hoc remote surveys with other involved Parties (i.e. Manufacturer, Service Dealer, Etc.).
• Collecting of photos, video and documents evidence for upload to own databases

• Considerable reduction of miscommunications and misunderstandings possible during traditional channels – emails, telecoms etc.
• Possibility to involve the any relevant experts remotely, without delays and awaiting port of calls
• Reduce travel time and all associated travel costs
• To be connected via mobile / satellite network having optimized bandwidth required