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your new revolutionary way in visualization of your ships

SEAHARMONY is presenting a revolutionary 3D imaging platform in Maritime Sector for smart remote activities such as ship’s inspections, monthly cosmetic maintenance reports, pre-purchase inspections, remote inspections by RO, Charterers remote evaluation of vessel’s suitability for the business, various training activities, pe-joining remote familiarization of the crew, Emergency response Service and many more.

SEAHARMONY 3D imaging is a simple, user friendly platform do not requiring special training of operator and including 3D imaging smart camera and web-based platform allowing any user at any place of the world to access 3D view of the ship, innovatively enabling technologies and tools which brings new mind set into the traditional Maritime operations and multiplying users capabilities

3D marine imaging solutions from SEAHARMONY helps the Owners, Operators, ROs, Oil Majors, Charterers and other maritime industries bodies meet and exceed their demanding needs obtaining 3D view of the vessel in a real-time state condition.
needs increases efficiency of Shipmanagement services by bringing the new concept into traditional shipping activities.

3D marine imaging solutions for engineering support, inspection services, emergency response assistance and training needs increases efficiency of Shipmanagement services by bringing the new concept into traditional shipping activities.

On-site imaging scanning solutions using unique SEAHARMONY 3D camera system can create usable 3D real snapshot based on actual imaging of the vessel, filled with supporting documents, manuals and drawings drastically improving evaluation of real condition of the vessel, define the needs for the maintenance improvement in remote mode, visualize affected areas of the vessel during emergency response actions, conduct remote familiarization with the vessel for pre-joining crew.

3D imaging are techniques for collecting high-density spatial imaging quickly and accurately and due to user-friendly interface, can be done by any crewmember on board of the vessel.

3D imaging system combines the real photos of the vessel transferred to 360-degrees ship’s image, allowing users conduct virtual tour to any corner of the vessel accessing her real condition at the time of the shooting conducted.

By demand, it can be filled with virtual information such as specific equipment manuals and drawings, vessel’s or Company specific procedures i.e. restart of critical equipment, UMS procedure, equipment tests maintenance checklists etc and provides expanded and information-rich view of the environment to the user.

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