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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) technology offers a series of exciting use-cases for enterprises and business organizations. The technology has the potential to simplify current processes, boost productivity and efficiency, facilitate real-time access to data, provide novel ways to visualize problems and probable solutions, and enhance workplace collaboration.

When combined with Virtual Reality (VR), AR can be used to create improved digital experiences. These experiences enable businesses to mix virtual with real-world data and create meaningful solutions for their customers.

For field services, augmented reality can be used to enhance and transform several processes. Camera-equipped devices can be coupled with AR apps to provide remote video consultation between experts and field workers.

Benefits of AR technology

Here are some business benefits of adopting augmented reality technology:

AR Solutions

AR solutions may be employed as an employee training tool, and companies can leverage the training videos several times, cutting costs and enhancing their reputation vis-à-vis technology adaptability.

AR Support

With support from AR technology, companies may employ less-experienced workers and reduce their labor costs. When expert help is needed, they can hire specialists on a short-term basis and have them collaborate with the workers from a remote location.

AR Tools

By using AR tools to collaborate with experts remotely, repairs can be completed faster, and companies may avoid the cost of bringing a specialist to the site. The workers can share a video of what they see on-site, and the expert can walk them through diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Doing this also ensures that fewer mistakes are made during the process, and it reduces the probability of a callback to redo some repairs, saving the company even more money.

AR Devices

Head-mounted AR devices free the hands of technical workers, allowing them to focus on their work, further improving workplace safety. Furthermore, field workers can view checklists, manuals, and diagrams with HMDs without dropping their tools or breaking their concentration.


Records of past projects may also be used to benchmark performance and improve delivery. It can also be proffered to regulators as evidence of compliance to EH&S and similar regulations.

AR Apps

Recordings made using AR apps can be sent to clients as proof of completed work. This improves customer satisfaction levels and, subsequently, customer retention.

Services Provide

AR Development

AR solutions may be employed as an employee training tool, and companies

Mobile App Development

SEAHARMONY develops mobile apps and the supporting backend infrastructure for businesses and corporate organizations.


For a lot of companies, virtual and augmented reality are novel concepts that they don’t understand

Chatbot Development

SEAHARMONY specializes in the development of chatbots.

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